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Confused as to why you might still be receiving emails from us, or want to request that your data is removed? Scroll down to our privacy section.

Simply Satisfied is no more.

After much deliberation, we've decided to shut down Simply Satisfied on the 15th of May this year.

As of now registration for new accounts is closed, and we'll be making an effort to purge all account data from our systems within 30 days of the closure, If you'd like a copy of your data, please log into your account before the 15th June and download it from the Tools > Export screen, or get in touch and we'll do this for you.

I realise this is short notice, but unfortunately it's just how events have unfolded - if you have any concerns or questions don't hesitate to hit reply.

Is this because of GDPR?

Only partially.

Simply Satisfied was always a partnership between myself (Dan) and another company - the company behind Simply Satisfied was recently sold, and the new owners aren't interested in continuing to run and support it as part of their business.

I've actually been working on the a new customer feedback application - which will be fully GDPR compliant, and you can find more details about that below.

A big thank you to all who supported us!

Simply Satisfied was the first SaaS app i launched and it was a tremendous learning experience - seeing people using it and giving us compliments on it has brought me great happiness, and i hope that trend continues with my next app.

So what's next?

I'm currently building a new generation of feedback application at Endear.io - this app combines the simplicity of NPS scores (your customers rate you between 1-10 depending on how likely they are to recommend you to to others), with a feature we're calling 'Sentiments' to gather a quick overview of how your customers feel about you and/or your products.

Head over to the endear website and sign up for the mailing list - you'll get a quick 'thanks for subscribing' email from me with some more details, then one more email when we launch - no rubbish!

If you have any questions at all about how this might affect you, just hit 'reply' and it'll come to me directly.

Dan Matthews - Developer at Simply Satisfied


Even though we are closed to new accounts, there are still a few companies using us to request feedback from their customers, therefore we've provided a privacy statement that aims to outline what information we collect, where we collect it from, how we store it, and how you can request to be forgotten as per the new GDPR regulations.

Read our full privacy policy here Have a privacy concern? email support


I've never entered my email address into your website, why am i receiving emails from you?

Any emails you receive asking you to give feedback are sent on behalf of one of our customers who has obtained your email address and entered it on our website in order to request feedback.

Simply Satisfied doesn't personally collect email addresses, much like Mailchimp, that information is provided by our customers.

How can i stop receiving feedback request emails from you?

We're working on a blacklist feature so that you can prevent any and all companies from requesting feedback from you.

In the meantime, email support and we'll work with our customers to prevent you being notified.

I'm a customer, what information of mine do you store?

We store your email address, an encrypted version of your password called a hash (that even we can't read or decipher), as well as any and all information about your company that you volunteer as part of the signup process or on the app settings pages.

We may also temporarily store your IP Address to prevent hacking attempts made by malicious users, but this is never linked to your account or personal data.

I'm not a customer, but i've received a feedback request email, what information of mine do you store?

We store your email address and the information you enter as a response to the feedback request and nothing more.

I'd like you to delete all information relating to me, how can i do that?

If you'd like us to remove or 'forget' you, please get in touch with support using the button below, providing us written notification that you'd like us to remove all your data.

Email support