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Terms of use.

Terms of use for customers and users.

A customer is anyone who is registered as a user of Simply Satisfied. A user is anyone who receives feedback request emails from us on behalf of the customer.

General / Overview

Proper use

The Simply Satisfied service allows you the customer to request feedback from individuals who have received a product or service from yourself.

Appropriate Question Content

We request two standardised ratings from each user contacted, and you may also add your own customised questions. We ask that custom questions follow the following guidelines:

Email invitations

By sending an email invitation to request a user give feedback, you are agreeing that you have full consent to do so and that you are staying within the appropriate account limits including the frequency guidelines below.

Email frequency guidelines

Please restrict emailing the same customer to at least once per 5 days to avoid complaints - remember that if you enable reminders, they will also receive those.

Consent of users

You must gain the required consent to email feedback requests to users. Failure to do so may result in your account being closed without refund or notice. See the privacy policy for further information.

Fair use policy for email invites.

Previous and current pricing plans for Simply have stated that we provide ‘unlimited’ email invites within a fair use policy. That policy is outlined here as:

Each paying account is entitled to 1000 inclusive email invites, after which their quota may be subject to review to ensure that they do not fall foul of any of the terms and conditions or are causing spam complaints.

“Fair use” also means that the emails being sent are being used for the purpose of requesting feedback and that there is a reasonable gap in place between contacting the same user to avoid drawing complaints.

Payments, subscriptions and refunds

When subscribing, please note that you’re agreeing again to abide by the terms of service.

Refunds are given completely at our discretion, if you cancel during a month, you will still have access to a paid plan until the renewal date.

Privacy Policy

Data sharing

Simply Satisfied does not share any of the data we store with third party companies, the obvious exception to this ‘golden rule’ is that data that is entered by our customers, and retrieved from users using the feedback form will be shown to the customer who requested it.

We may once in a while export a list of email addresses from the system to transfer to our mailing list provider for announcements or service updates, but the lists are deleted shortly after use.

Your email may also be shared with Stripe so they can send you invoices and billing reminders, but it’s safe as houses with them.

Consent of users to receive feedback emails.

Under GDPR, you must have explicit consent to email users - this means that you must have notified them and they must opt-in, rather than opt-out of any marketing communications and/or feedback request emails.

Exporting data

Exports of account and response data are available through the ‘tools’ section.

Once this information leaves our servers, it is your responsibility to uphold it’s integrity and security and we cannot be held liable or responsible for it’s distribution to any third parties.

Payments & Subscriptions

Payments are processed using Stripe over a secure connection - your credit card data never touches our server, and all we store are tokens that represent your card. We never see your card data.

Monthly subscriptions are re-charged by Stripe and not by a manual process on our side.